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Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Debra Muth quickly learned about Celiac Disease after her daughter was diagnosed in 2007. At age 17, her daughter couldn’t imagine life without pizza, cookies, or brownies. With Midwestern roots and European heritage, Dr. Muth and her mom (an avid baker), set out to create recipes that her daughter could safely enjoy.

After finally finding a gluten free blend that worked well, they began creating all their favorite traditional European recipes passed down from generation to generation.

But Dr. Muth was still unsatisfied! The flours contained corn and were not certified organic or Non-GMO. Since many Celiac sufferers cross react to corn, she decided it was time to create something that was completely allergen free. She embarked on going back to the kitchen to create a product that her patients with multiple food allergies could use. STODKIE Gluten Free Flour blend allowed Dr. Muth to continue providing quality food (with a great taste) for her family and friends.

USDA Organic

Gluten Free

Made In USA

Made With Love!

You may be checking us out because you are one of Dr. Muth’s patients looking for a Gluten free option and recipes, heard her speak, or just want a great Gluten-free option for baking your family recipes.

Dr. Muth’s mission in life is to make a difference in everything she does! STODKIE allows her to provide a safe, delicious gluten free flour alternative – that even the biggest skeptics of gluten free will love!

Dr. Muth is a mother of 3 children, 2 grandchildren and successfully runs 7 businesses. She has always advocated for women and their right to a healthy life and alternative health care. Now, she is advocating for healthy gluten-free alternatives! She is a mover and a shaker in her industry and known to her team as the “Rock Star” because she powers through and drives everything she is part of.

We hope you check out STODKIE and Dr. Muth’s other work as well. You will be blown away by the knowledge and leaders she brings together in her podcast Let’s Talk Wellness Now, or in her educational programs she has created.


Don’t just dream it – make these delicious Gluten Free Recipes a reality!

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