2lb Bag of Gluten-Free Baking Mix

2lb Bag of Gluten-Free Baking Mix


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STODKIE is unlike any other gluten free flour you have experienced. It is Non-GMO and all organic ingredients, is amazing and created by a Naturopathic Doctor. This is a gluten-free replacement for wheat flour, a cup for cup substitute, and in every recipe Dr. Muth has used over the last 10 plus years. STODKIE’s flour does not have the unusual after taste, dry or texture issues that often come with other gluten free flour blends.

“When my husband couldn’t determine the difference between STODKIE Gluten Free Flour and his homemade chocolate chips cookies – I knew I had a winner! Imagine pancakes that are fluffy and breads that hold together! Imagine cookies that aren’t dry, and family traditions that taste just like you remember them! In yeast breads, you may not be able to exchange cup for cup, but look ahead for STODKIE recipes to help! STODKIE’s flour has hand-picked only the best quality, all organic, and Non-GMO ingredients available. I hope you and your family love it as much as mine.”

*STODKIE Gluten-Free Baking Mix is manufactured in Wisconsin, USA in a nut-free facility

Please feel free to share your recipes with us – we would love to try them!

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